NUTRIMENT (Simply the best in our opinion)

Nutriment Raw Food.


The pet food industry is a huge multi billion pound business. Dry food or wet food, most have only 4% meat in them and a lot of cheap fillers.

Did you know that if you check your pet food labels, a lot of them have animal derivitives, which could mean beaks, feet, heads anything really. So when you think of the argument " Oh I couldnt feed fido RAW food" just think about whats actually in the food your feeding!

It may look like meat but thats the way its been shaped to look. Also dry food? Did you know some companies spray the kibble with old chip shop fat because they heat the kibble to such a high heat that it loses appeal to the dogs so they spray with old chip fat to make it more appealing.

All of the colours that's in them too, pink, yellow, green. Why??? The dogs cant see all the bonnie colours but they can eat all the additives thats in them!

Dogs have been eating raw food for centuries, have you noticed how many dogs now have allergies, skin, ears, Tummy etc. This was not such a big problem years ago. Being a Dog Groomer we see these problems everyday now & it's heartbreaking for them, the owners & us too.

The ingredients are all human grade in Nutriment. They also have fruit & veg in there too including billberrys, butternut squash, carrots, seaweed, kelp, salmon oil. Plus its all puried so it doesn't look like minced meat & no smell either. Comes to you frozen & in trays so very easy to store in your freezer.

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Awful subject but one of the benefits of this food is tiny poo's! Honestly I can get all 4 of my dogs poo's in one poo in one bag, amazing!


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